luupe is a newly opened interior and design shop in Kolding, DK. a mile in the woods wrote the store name by hand, and made a variety of other graphic assignments for luupe. Wonderful place, with a plethora of great products.


The logo and graphic design, the 11 original hand drawings hanging in the restaurant, the furniture design –a mile in the woods was very much involved with the making of Essen. At least with all the graphic stuff. All other credit goes directly to the chef, Jens, and his girlfriend – THEY made Essen. And I am very proud of how it all turned out.


a mile in the woods made the new logo for this succesful clothing store in Kolding, DK.

Clean and simple, elegant and scandinavian.


Working with the inspiring woman behind ”Soulsister”, trying to draw forward the right feel to the graphics of this company.

Focusing on the leaf / feather the logo became feminine, soft and strong –just like the company.


The client ordered a logo and graphic identity focusing on the butterfly.

Dynamic, ever moving and recognizable.