a mile in the woods was asked to make a mural in the Copenhagen based home of the Danish TV personality, Mascha Vang. We discussed different visuals directions before starting the actual drawing process, and agree to make this particular illustration in the office space in the apartment, drawn directly on the wall with black markers. I also drew a couple of trees in the bedroom – Mascha was inspired to ask me to continue, and a mile in the woods will always kindly accept this kind of enthusiam in my work flow.


a mile in the woods attended the interior design fair Formland UP/graded in Herning, DK, both in February 2014 and August 2014. And while I was talking to business partners, new clients and a variety of retailers, I made these drawings on the walls of my exhibition area.

This type of work in progress is ever fascination, both for the viewers and for me.


This illustration was drawn and painted onto the wall in a beautiful home of a private client, in Silkeborg, DK. Planned to give the living room a bit of extra edge and graphic feel – and to match the coffee tables..


Mural at the school ”Sputnik” in Vanløse, Copenhagen. The illustration is made by a mile in the woods and two students at the school, Jay and Michel, a couple of very talented young men. We combined our different styles, and created a visual expression to display all three of our visions.

Black marker and acrylic paint.


a mile in the woods was asked to decorate 5 x 2,5 metres outdoor wall at the music festival, Northside, Aarhus, June 2014. ”you are this city” – a visual thought on how we gather together at this type of event, the festivals, creating a temporary city, that can only function because we decide to position ourselves so closely together. The second we decide to walk away, the city disolves and therefor –you are this city.

Paint, black marker, nails, yarn.


A mile in the woods loves DecorateShop! And the feeling must be mutual, because I have been asked to decorate selected areas in two of their fine stores, in Aarhus and in Vejle, DK. Drawing directly onto glass railings in both stores.

Chalk pen.